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Instead of Introduction

The scientific community of the Institute of Russian Literature (the Pushkin House), Russian Academy of Sciences, is glad to welcome the visitors of www.pushkinskijdom.ru Internet portal.

Founded on December 15th, 1905, by the noble initiative of Russian culture figures as the memorial of A. S. Pushkin, as a concentration place for manuscripts and relics connected with A. S. Pushkin and the writers of his epoch, – the Pushkin House had from its early days focused its collecting and scientific interest on the legacy of Russian word culture of all the periods – from old times to the modern ones. During the last hundred years there has appeared a unique and indissoluble museum, fund storing and research complex – an unexampled phenomenon of Russian archive-studying, museum studying, academic philology as well as cultural and historic memory – at the same time. Nowadays the Pushkin House stands for three million of precious autographs of Russian writers, scholars and social figures, including 12 thousand pages of Pushkin’s manuscripts; for more than 700 thousands of books and print editions wholly reflecting the history of Russian literature; it also disposes 120 thousand of museum rarities, image, documental and item relics, 15 scientific Departments and Groups, which annually publish 50 book editions: volumes of classics, scholar collections and monographs, serial editions, the “Russian Literature” magazine; besides, the Pushkin House means a particular place and particular people.

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